The interaction and fusion between diverse codes of communication is the fulcrum for Sergio Maltagliati's research.

The use of new technologies permits him to integrate sound, image and text within the same work offering the spectator a multi-sensory experience. With a particular attention to the sound component, daughter to the best tradition of research on synthetic and electronic sound.

Oper@pixel is a project for use on internet which generates continually diverse audiovisual compositions utilizing images and sound frequencies borrowed from the universe of cell phones, chat rooms and e-mail. And also logos, ringtones, banners and small designs in Ascii code. But these new languages of contemporary communication intersect with a historical component: traditional lyric opera, an unusual presence in its new digital guise.

The project represents a fascinating attempt to make tradition and the contemporary meet, as well as to investigate the structure and the esthetic possibilities of the new language. Codes which evolve in front of us every day at a disorienting speed. Experimentation like this, which confronts the problem both from an esthetic and conceptual point of view, is probably the best way to metabolize and understand, at a deeper level, the change to which we are all testimony.


Valentina Tanni


Valentina Tanni is an art historian, curator and lecturer. Her research focuses on the relationship between art and technology, with a particular focus on internet culture. She is adjunct professor of Digital Art at Politecnico University in Milan and lecturer of the course Culture Digitali (Digital Cultures) at NABA.



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